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Mayor defends himself after being accused of ‘privilege’ after hair cut

Mayor Cam Guthrie has had enough.

Guelph’s mayor is defending himself after a resident said he was “privileged” to get a haircut.

Photos shared by the mayor.

Mayor Cam Guthrie shared screenshots of someone in the hair care industry that claimed his recent haircut was done by a professional but it was his wife who cut his hair.

Haircutters and barber shops are currently closed to customers due to measures put in place by the Ontario government in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I really miss my job and I really miss my clients. Talk about privileged,” the comment read.

Other replies were criticizing the mayor.

“We’ll put this in the ever growing file of mixed messages from public officials,” a response added.

Guthrie in his post shared photos of his at-home haircut and a receipt that showed a purchase of $39.97 for haircutting supplies.

“The assumptions made here are ridiculous,” the mayor said in response to the accusations, adding: “As if I have to even explain this publicly???”

He explained in a post on Facebook that his wife Rachel has been cutting his hair and also his son’s hair, criticizing any accusation of greater access because of his position.

“So don’t give me this ‘Cam’s privileged’ stuff or that I’m ‘better than anyone else’ and somehow I have ‘connections and so on,” Guthrie posted.

“I’m connected to my great wife, privileged to be married to her and she just followed the step by step guide in the $40 bucks clippers package – So if she’s that good at cutting my hair maybe she should open her own salon!”

On Monday morning, Guthrie posted on Facebook that he was getting his nails done.

“Just so everyone knows I’ll be getting my nails done today. But my daughter Adelaide is doing them for me at home. I will show pictures and a copy of the receipt later as proof.”