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Guelph politicians to battle it out over who has the best EV

MPP Mike Schreiner will be part of a group of four in the 'street fight'.

Politics are sometimes a war of words but four Guelph politicians are battling it out over who has the best electric vehicle.

Stock photo of an electric vehicle.

In an event hosted by the Royal City’s electric car aficionado Evan Ferrari, who owns Emerge Guelph Sustainability, four progressive and pro-environment politicians will throw up verbal fists in a virtual “Street Fight” hosted by a former Ontario judge this week, it was announced on Wednesday.

Retired justice of the Superior Court of Ontario Cas Herold will moderate the fight taking place on the evening of June 4.

“Imagine a virtual Street Fight with politicians ‘trash talking’ to prove: ‘My EV is better than yours’,” Ferrari said in a release.

Herold will be in charge of making sure the bickering stays controlled. The release added that Herold will use “that tried and true Canadian disciplinary tool: the penalty box”, should things get out of hand.

The former justice will have the power to mute and even switch off the video feed of any offending politician.

“What could be worse for a politician than being silenced and invisible?” the release asks, adding “they’ve all been warned.”

Those interested in attending the virtual event are asked to RSVP for free via Eventbrite.

Green Party leader and Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner will participate as well as three city councillors: Phil Allt, Leanne Caron Piper and James Gordon.

There will likely be a lot of common ground between the four politicians when it comes to sustainable transportation.

Schreiner has long pushed for environment-friendly policy while Allt and Gordon have history with the eco-conscious New Democratic Party. Caron Piper also has ties to left-leaning progressive movements.

Ferrari is known in the city for his efforts to advocate for electric vehicles and efforts to expand a used electric car market with the aim of increasing the total number of electricity-powered automobiles on the roads.

“We need to accelerate the switch away from gas and diesel powered vehicles to electric as soon as possible to help fight climate change,” Ferrari argued in the release.

“The Street Fight is a way to have some fun and continue to show how we need to normalize the use of EVs.”