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Guelph car cleaners turn to in-driveway service amid pandemic

Guelph car cleaners and maintenance takes to driveways.

Some Guelph car mechanics and cleaners have found a new way to serve clients amid the coronavirus pandemic by coming to their driveways.

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Justin Van Daele started a casual vehicle cleaning service while running a marketing agency before physical distancing restrictions brought a freeze to daily life. With the pandemic impacting his regular clients, the University of Guelph graduate turned his side-hustle into his daily business.

“On April 2, I dusted my gear off, applied my marketing skills and starter advertising [and] by the end of the first day, I had 16 appointments,” the owner of Guelph Auto Cleaners told GuelphWire, adding: “[I] haven’t looked back since.”

Van Daele, who has lived in Guelph since 2006, is taking precautions with his service.

He explained that he is avoiding face-to-face contact as much as possible and accepts payments remotely using debit cards or e-transfer while asking clients to unlock their cars before he gets there.

“I also added disinfectant to the services aside from just an all purpose auto cleaner that didn’t have disinfecting properties,” he added.

For those that could be nervous about his service coming to their driveway as Ontario experiences a recent increase in daily COVID-19 infections, Van Daele said potential clients should reach out for extra precautions.

“I have extra safety steps I can take and a clean car goes a long ways towards staying healthy,” he explained.

“That applies to even outside of COVID, our steering wheels, dashboards, radio knobs, et cetera are one of the most bacteria filled bits of our everyday.”

“Not only all those things, we disinfect everything all the way out of the vehicle.”

Those interested can book appointments by contacting Guelph Auto Cleaners online.

Car maintenance is considered an essential service by the Ontario government so storefronts are not forced to close but instead take precautions against the spread of the virus.

It was on May 19 that Ontario officially started “stage one” of its reopening plans, which included the reopening of retail storefronts that have street entrances across the province.

(Reporting by Eli Ridder)