Longo’s requires a mask starting Monday

Longo’s grocery store will require those that enter its doors across the province to wear a mask while shopping starting on Monday in response to the coronavirus pandemic, a decision that many in Guelph have praised.

A Longo’s grocery story pictured.

The mask does not need to be medical-grade but should cover the wearers nose and mouth. The store will have masks available for purchase.

Chief executive Anthony Longo said in an earlier release that the decision was made to “help protect our community”.

“As a family business, our number one priority is the health and safety of our team members and guests,” the release read.

Children under the age of two are exempt from the new rule.

Staff and suppliers of Longo’s were already wearing masks at the grocery marts.

Rob Shirkey, a lawyer and environment advocate who moved to Guelph last summer, hailed the leadership he said Longo’s demonstrated with the new rule.

“I’m grateful to Longo’s for its leadership on masks,” he told GuelphWire, adding: “I used to shop at a competitor but, the last time I was there, maybe only 10 per cent of people wore masks.”

“I’m definitely shopping at Longo’s the next time I get groceries.”

Sean Norris supported the new rule but expressed concern over those that haven’t been wearing masks already.

“The big thing here is if you’re not wearing a mask, then do the two metres,” he said, referencing the recommended physical distancing guidelines maintained by public health.

Costco will also be requiring customers to wear masks, but only at its stores in the United States. There has been no similar rule set up for Canada yet.

(Reporting by Eli Ridder)